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Dear Tourist, I am Khan and I am a tour operator of Jaipur and Rajasthan, I have 5 Years Experience of Rajasthan Tourism and providing successfully car rental service without any customer or tourist complain. Our Auto & Cars are new and drivers are very intelligent persons. so............

If you are making Jaipur tourism plan then please read important information about pink city famous visiting places.

At first I though, a rickshaw?? Seriously?? maybe we can get a nice air conditioned car?? But let me tell you the wind blowing from the open sides of the rickshaw kept us cool, the only issue i would have is that once when it was really dusty we did get some sand in our faces, but a cloth to wipe your face soon takes care of that. It really is the BEST way to see the city, you miss so much by car. We initially had hired a car, driver and guide, but soon ditched them for Rain, to find out why – I urge you to read the FAQ and Travel advice – be warned and dont get ripped off!!

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